Judge Splits Petition between LAUSD and Charter School

Westchester Secondary Charter School (WSCS) claimed the district did not make reasonable efforts to place the school at a location of its exact choosing.

Proposition 39, enacted in 2000, requires school districts to make sufficient and comparable facilities available to charter schools within the district’s territory.

The site that LAUSD offered to WSCS was 6-7 miles from the sites that WSCS had requested. The judge ruled that site provided by the district, only 2.5 miles from the perimeter of Westchester, was compliant with the language of Prop 39. The space provided was on the site of Crenshaw Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Magnet.

The court did rule that the site LAUSD made available did not meet the needs of the charter school.

Ultimately, the court reasoned that school districts must have “discretion to weigh the respective interests of both school district and charter school programs in making facilities allocations under Proposition 39.”

Image Credit: Flickr User raeallen, https://flic.kr/p/oFMLsD via (CC BY 2.0)