Girls Can Play Football...And Still Be Queen

Grossmont High School in San Diego is Home of the Foothillers and also home of two sisters who play football just as good as the boys do. Sisters Brittany and Amber Huff serve as placekickers on the varsity and junior varsity squads, respectively.

Brittany, a senior at Grossmont, is also this year’s homecoming queen, but that does not make her any more delicate than her teammates.

“I am treated just like one of the guys, and I like it that way,” she told KUSI-TV. “I don’t want to be treated like, ‘Oh, you’re a girl.’ No. I want to be just like the guys.”

After seeing older sister Brittany play football for years, little sister Amber decided to take up the sport. Both sisters will also play for the varsity girls’ soccer team this year.

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