Three Cheers for Transgender Teenager

Denair High School has proven itself an ally and safe place for trans people. Anry Fuentes, a senior, is the school’s first transgender cheerleader. She’s doing the bravest thing imaginable for a teenager—actually being herself in high school.

Born male, but identifies as female, Fuentes has always wanted to be a cheerleader. She’s received plenty of praise and support from the rest of the cheerleading squad and other students. But like any other minority, she still has to deal with those who refuse to accept any sort of change.

“A lot of people have been telling me that I’m pretty strong for letting that go by because anybody would blow up,” said Fuentes, “but I can’t because I’m not going to force it upon them. If that’s how they feel, then I can’t change their opinion.”

She initially planned on wearing the male cheer uniform, but after talking to coach Robin Hilton, the school principal, and the Denair Unified School District, Fuentes is allowed to wear the outfit of her choosing.

“Gender identity and expression is protected by the law and is given unwavering support in Denair Unified,” said DUSD Superintendent Aaron Rosander. Adding that all students in Denair schools are “supported and given equal opportunity in all programs and activities.”

Besides being openly transgender and breaking boundaries as the first trans cheerleader in her high school, Fuentes has also earned the Stanislaus County Seal of Multilingual Proficiency for her ability to speak both Spanish and English fluently.

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