Vaccinations Now Required For Students

The New Year always brings with it a bad hangover and plenty of new legislation. One of the most prominent bills that was signed in 2015, but not without a fight, was SB277.

Under SB277, all children must be vaccinated in order to attend public school in the state. This means that parents will no longer be able to use religious or personal belief exemptions, also called PBEs, as excuses. The only exemptions that will be allowed are for children with serious medical issues.

Some parents still believe that vaccines help aid in the spread of autism despite lack of research that has yet to prove such a relationship.

While the law takes effect at the start of the year, the impact won’t be seen until the start of the actual school year. Students registering for school will need to provide full vaccination records in order to be enrolled. However, home-schooled students or those in independent study programs do not need to be vaccinated.


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