Champion of California schools advises conservative approach on state funds

Five years ago Jack O’Connell was termed out as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Since then he has spent his time using his three decades of political experience helping educators across the state with policy and finance

With an impressive job history that also includes teacher, school board member, and member of both houses in the state legislature, O’Connell knows a thing or two about the education system in California.

As superintendent he championed smaller class sizes and helping Latino and African-American students succeed. Currently is promoting a statewide bond for the November election that would generate $9 billion to help school facilities. A recent report shows that schools currently need at least $1 billion in order to reach minimum spending standards for facilities and repairs.

Proponents say the money is needed because it’s been 10 years since California authorized a statewide bond and funds are needed to build new classrooms and upgrade aging school facilities.

“The state cookie jar is dry,” O’Connell said.


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