Free Condoms for San Francisco Middle School Students

San Francisco wants to give out condoms to help prevent teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections for its middle school students.

Superintendent Richard Carranza proposed the authorization of condom distribution “in conjunction with a session with a school nurse or social worker to identify risk factors and provide referrals or resources as necessary.”

High school students are already able to receive free condoms at schools, but parents have the ability to opt out of the program. The new proposal would remove that option for both middle and high school students.

Critics claim that this action would promote sexual activity for youths. “There is no research that (shows) providing condoms in schools increases sexual activity,” said school board President Matt Haney. “The only thing we are encouraging is that students make heathy decisions.”

The proposal has already received support from the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

A final vote from the school board will occur later in the month.


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