Students Wear Shirts in Protest of Trump in OC

Donald Trump has been the talk of Orange County this week.

A council woman in Anaheim wanted to ban the presidential nominee, but that didn’t happen. Then he held a rally in Costa Mesa, but that left people injured and arrested.

And now in response to that rally, students at a high school are wearing ‘Dump Trump” shirts.

The OC Reg reports that students at Newport Harbor High School were told not to wear any Trump attire, pro or against, to prevent bullying. But that didn’t stop some students who decided to take a stand against the controversial GOP frontrunner.

After discussion, even the principal said he’d allow it.

For us at CalSchoolNews, we’ll just continue to use the Drumpfinator Chrome extension to add giggles to the influx of Trump news we’ll be expecting as we get closer to the June primary.




Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 04:59

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