We Need a Plan to Recruit Much Needed Teachers

Teachers are in high demand across the state, and that’s because there are so few of them out there.

The California Department of Education has said that at least 20,000 teachers are needed to fulfill a shortage. Some districts have resorted to drastic measures to try to lure teachers.

One district in Monterey County offered a $10,000 signing bonus for math and science teachers. Other school districts have even increased pay for substitute teachers. And Fresno Unified has even opted to using a grant to search for teachers outside of California and even outside of the country.

Former teacher and current School Board Director for Santa Rosa City Schools, Ron Kristof, has written a piece for the Press Democrat highlighting the need to get teachers now.

In it he cites several reasons for why students are opting out of the teaching profession, including

“cost of living ratio verses pay, lack of professional autonomy, having to teach to meaningless tests, under-resourced schools, large class sizes, the school privatization movement and the growing special needs of our student population, which teachers are expected to service without adequate support.”

Kristof calls on the state to take action immediately in order to preserve quality education. He believes that grants and funding of teaching programs would help, and also asks for others to add to his plan to come up with ways in which to help students become teachers.

Read his entire proposal at The Press Democrat.



Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 04:59

School closures have hit special needs students especially hard. Parents of children with disabilities report their children backsliding without the expert, in-person interaction they once had.