LA Times Reports on Possible Brown Act Violation at ABC Unified

Allegations have arisen that point to ABC Unified School District for violating the Brown Act.

The Brown Act is a transparency law that does not allow for the board to meet in closed sessions which the LA District Attorney is currently investigating.

According to the LA Times, a complaint was made for the closed-door meeting that led to the contract of Superintendent Sieu. The contract enabled her to receive 25 years of fully paid healthcare: dental, medical, and vision.

The ABC USD denies any allegations that the Brown Act law was violated when the contract was approved in an open session.

It is reported that the most significant change to Supt. Sieu’s contract that was not mentioned when the vote was made public on January 20, 2015 was the addition to retirement health benefits. The contract was passed unanimously.

Olympia Chen, board President, said that the board followed all rules in ensuring that the contract was placed on the open session agenda and that nothing occurred under closed doors.

Terry Francke, general counsel at Californians Aware, said, there are loopholes to meet in closed sessions when personal matters arise but when it’s an issue to change an employment contract, everything must be disclosed publicly and voted on.

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