CA PTA Supports 5 Measures on the Nov. Ballot

The California State PTA has announced its support of five ballot measures this year.

Although the CA PTA does not endorse individual candidates it does take positions on measures that directly affect education, healthcare, students, and families.

The California State PTA supports the following initiatives:

Prop. 51 - A state school bond of $9 million for school construction projects.

Prop. 55 – A tax extension for education and healthcare funding that would allocate more tax payers money to schools and healthcare.

Prop. 56 – A tobacco tax that increases the tax on cigarettes and tobacco products to $2.00

Prop. 58 – SB 1174 that reappeals Prop. 227 that requires all students to be taught in English and English learners to be taught in sheltered English courses. Prop. 58 would ensure the best methods are implemented to help students learn English and for English speakers to master a second language.

Prop. 63 – Limits the types and number of guns and ammunition individuals can buy to reduce gun violence.

Check out the California State PTA's website for more information on their stances.