Changes Underway For Measuring CA Schools Academic Performance Index

For the past 14 years CA schools where ranked by one single factor: standardized testing. That’s about to change as there are proposals to create a color-coded system that includes other important factors to the success rate of schools.

According to the OC Registrar, the calculation of the new proposed color-coded report would include graduation rates, absenteeism, suspension rates, college and career readiness, standardized test scores, and student’s progression in all subjects.

The current way of measuring a schools API is based on a number from 200-1000. A score of 800 or above was seen as great achievement. The No Child Left Behind act would then come into place resulting in consequences to schools that did not meet the 800 score or fail to improve their ranking. 

Morgan Polikoff, USC associate professor of education, is happy to see changes in how the state measures a schools achievement because it was not indicative of the school as a whole rather solely based on test scores.

The CA School Board of Education stopped assessing school’s API in 2014 as a way to transition to the new standardized testing that incorporate the Common Core Standards.

This September the CA Department of Education will vote on the factors that will be used to measure the API. They will also vote in early 2017 to decide what the reports will look like. Depending on the swift passage of this new proposal, the new way to measure schools API would use data collected from the 2016-2017 school year.

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