Betsy DeVos Calls To End Common Core Standards

At a Michigan Ralley, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for U.S. Secretary of Education, expressed her goals to improve the country’s education system, by ending federalized Common Core State Sandards.

According to Education Week, DeVos may face challenges in her attempt because the Every Student Succeeds Acts gives states sovereignty to decide which standards they choose to follow.

DeVos expressed her excitement to help improve the education system and help students but assured the crowd that the change will not start in Washington, D.C. but it at the local level.

The advocate for charter schools and school vouchers, has received push back by people who are critical of her experience, or lack thereof. However, DeVos has stated and restated that she has the experience to fix K-12 education and that we should be open-minded of her ideas.

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