$14 Million Deficit for Temecula Valley USD

Temecula Valley Unified School District is currently dealing with a $14 million deficit.

The funding to the districts has changed drastically under the new formula, which focuses on providing more funding to districts with high numbers of low-income, homeless, non-English speaking, and foster youth students.

Since Temecula Valley has a smaller number of these students, they’ve received less funding. The district is now having to figure out how to reallocate monies and find ways to cut back. The district is already in talks to cut $7 million out of the school budget next school year and an additional $7 million for the following year.

As a result, the Temecula Valley Educators Association is left in a sort of limbo as it prepares a new contract. Meanwhile the district is contemplating limiting teacher raises and increasing class size.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 06:03

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