School Districts Played Role in Blocking Trump's Immigration Order

As you may have heard by now, Trump’s executive order to defund sanctuary cities has been blocked by a U.S. District Judge in San Francisco this week.

What helped sway Judge William H. Orrick’s opinion? Apparently the amicus briefs filed by State Superintendent Tom Torlakson and multiple education groups and agencies.

In the case of County of Santa Clara v. Trump, Judge Orrick agreed with the unconstitutionality of the executive order and how it violates the separation of powers, the Tenth Amendment and the Fifth Amendment.

The judge wrote that, passing sanctuary policies “also improves schools’ ability to provide quality education to all children,” citing both amicus briefs.

In his brief, Torlakson wrote, “the Executive Order undermines and damages the ability of California’s public schools to protect, foster and educate children.”

More than 100 school districts have passed “safe haven” resolutions to protect undocumented students, staff, and families from federal agents on their campuses.

View Judge Orrick’s ruling here and read more about the schools’ and superintendent’s influence in the case at Education Week.