A Civil War Ball With Fried Chicken. No This Isn’t an SNL Skit, It’s a School Assignment.

Parents in Madera are outraged by a school’s choice to hold a Civil War-Ball, calling it a culturally insensitive way to teach the Civil War.

The assignment consists of a list of tasks the students at Ranchos Middle School can complete to help them learn about the Civil War. One of those is to participate in the Ball which has been held since 2000, according to Golden Valley Unified Superintendent Andy Alvarado.

Another task suggestion on the assignment list is to bring fried chicken, which parents say adds to the racial insensitivity of the situation.

“They're not holding celebrations when they teach World War II, and the Nazis threw parties then,” said one parent. “Why do it with one of the darkest times in American history?”

The Superintendent, however, supports the event saying that it is a positive way to teach children about the Civil War, citing that the event hasn’t been a problem before.

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