Los Gatos Union School District Selects New Superintendent

The Los Gatos Union Board of Trustees has unanimously appointed Paul Johnson as the new leader of the District effective July 1, 2018.

Paul comes to Los Gatos from the Mill Valley School District in Marin County, where he has served as Superintendent for the past 7 years. In this role, Paul has been the leader of a K-8 district that educates roughly 3,100 students across five elementary schools and one middle school.

Among the many curricular accomplishments in Mill Valley on his watch, the district rolled out an IB-like program called World Savvy and implemented the Columbia Teacher’s College Reading Workshop model in all grades K-8. He also led the district in the development and implementation of a 5-year strategic plan during the 2013-18 timeframe and recently completed the development of a new 5-year strategic plan for 2018 moving forward.

Financially, under Paul’s leadership, the Mill Valley district has nurtured and sustained a highly effective financial support base with nearly $5 million in total annual community support from their local foundation and PTAs combined, and he led the community recently in adding and renewing parcel taxes totaling over $1,000.  The district also has achieved and maintained the highest (triple A) bond ratings with both Moody’s and S&P.

Prior to Mill Valley, Paul served as the superintendent in the Loomis Union School District outside of Sacramento.  Among the accomplishments there that are relevant to Los Gatos, the Loomis district opened an IB school in 2008.

Paul has been a lifelong educator and educational leader, starting his career in 1987 as an elementary school teacher in Riverside, where in addition to his teaching duties, he wrote and composed musicals for the students to perform.

Paul’s career trajectory includes stints as Assistant Principal, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent in addition to his prior Superintendent posts.

His reference letters are full of testaments to his ability to build, grow, improve and innovate, not to mention his aptitude for forming and maintaining relationships with teachers, staff, administrators, the certificated and classified union leadership, parents, town residents and community organizations. One characteristic that came up repeatedly was that Paul is “the nicest person you will ever meet.”

On a final note, before deciding to channel his drive and energy into education, Paul was an Olympic-level swimmer.  He was top-ranked in the butterfly in the late 1970’s and was part of the US Olympic trial cohort in 1980.

Sadly for Paul and his teammates, that was the year that the US boycotted the Moscow Summer Games in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Paul and his wife, Debbie, are aiming to relocate and settle in the Los Gatos area prior to the start of the upcoming school year