Lakeport Unified Hires New Interim Superintendent. Can He Finally Bring Unity?

A member of the Lakeport Unified School Board has resigned following the ouster of Superintendent April Leiferman. Board member Lori Holmes, who had voted against Leiferman’s firing, resigned last week, adding to a sense of chaos and uncertainty in the district.

In the meantime, retired Upper Lake Unified School District Superintendent Patrick Iaccino has been hired as Interim Superintendent on a 3-1 vote. Carly Alvord cast the lone no vote, but "it was reported after the meeting that her vote wasn’t a matter of not supporting Iaccino but rather wanting to pursue the option of also bringing on [candidate Judy Luchsinger] to work in tandem with Iaccino in the coming months as the district seeks a permanent lead administrator,” according to Lake County News.

Lakeport Unified’s new board members have come under intense scrutiny and criticism. Many of the complaints against them were on display at an acrimonious meeting last week, in which Leiferman was given the boot.

There is now hope that Iaccino can be a unifying figure for the district. He oversaw the consolidation of the former Upper Lake high school and elementary school districts into the Upper Lake Unified School District in 2016-2017, so there’s little doubt about his ability to complete bold, unifying projects. He has already said he will work to foster better communication and greater community input on the board.