Is This the Most Awkward Graduation Speech Ever?

Most high school valedictorians follow a predictable script. They thank their parents and teachers, try to evoke some laughter, and close with an inspiring message about the future. But San Ysidro High School Valedictorian Nataly Buhr is making national headlines after she chose to ditch the script and accuse the school’s teachers and faculty of everything from negligence to drunkenness on school grounds.

You can watch the video for yourself here. One of the most striking aspects is how uncomfortable students initially appear to be. The awkward stares give way to cheers and laughter when Buhr mentions a teacher she claims was “regularly intoxicated” during class all year.

We can’t confirm any of the student’s accusations. The school would not comment on them either. However, Sweetwater Union High School District Spokesperson Manuel Rubio issued this response to CBS affiliate KFMB:

“It's unfortunate that the words of a student like this are taking away from the positive. There are a lot of teachers working very hard for our students, it's unfortunate that she decided to air grievances."

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