Dixie School District Changes Its Name to Miller Creek

It’s final. The Marin County school district formerly known as Dixie has changed its name. It is now known as the Miller Creek Elementary School District, following a recent 3 to 1 vote by the school board.

The new name certainly carries less baggage than the old, but it too is not without controversy. One local activist called it “Dixie by proxie” because of its link to the district’s founder James Miller, an alleged confederate sympathizer.

It was that association that caused the naming advisory committee to reject the name Miller Creek on two occasions. Board Trustee Marnie Glickman, who cast the lone no vote, said the committee’s recommendation ought to be respected.

In addition to the district’s name change, Dixie Elementary School will now be called Lucas Valley Elementary.

Read more at the Marin Independent Journal.

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