Tiburon Bans Drones Near Schools and Town Events

Tiburon’s town council has banned the use of drones near public schools, at official town events, and when operators are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The ordinance was approved unanimously last month following an incident at a local elementary school.

On March 21, a drone was spotted flying over Reed Elementary during lunchtime. It’s not clear what it was doing there or whether the operator had any ill intentions, but it was enough to give parents and administrators pause.

Reed Union School District Superintendent Nancy Lynch and School Board President AJ Brady contacted the town council and requested an ordinance restricting drone use near schools. The council obliged.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “the new law bans drones for being operated on or less than 400 feet above public school grounds in Tiburon during school hours or events without the permission of school officials. It also says drone operators cannot use a drone to intentionally record or take photos of public school grounds during school hours or events, unless they have permission.”

The Chronicle notes that other jurisdictions — including Calabasas, Hermosa Beach, Sutter County, and the Yuba City Unified School District — have also restricted drone use near schools.


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