He Started Out as a Janitor. Now, He’s the Superintendent of a California School District.

No matter how humble your roots, it is always possible to achieve big things. That’s a lesson we must ingrain in our students and it’s one embodied by the life of Byron Union schools chief Dr. Reyes Gauna.

Dr. Gauna’s career began more than two decades ago when he took a custodian job at a school in Lodi. He eventually became a teacher, then a counselor, and then an assistant principal. Today, he’s the superintendent of the Byron Union School District in Contra Costa County.

Dr. Guana grew up helping his parents work in the fields. That has helped him connect with his students on a more meaningful level.

“I'm fortunate enough to come from humble beginnings," Dr. Guana — affectionately known by students as Mr. G — told KCRA-TV. “From standing in the free cheese line with my mom to, you know, always appreciating that my parents raised me to be a humble person."

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