LAUSD Considers Ranking Its Schools

The Los Angeles Unified School District could soon implement its own rating system for public and charter schools, according to reporting from the Los Angeles Times. The School Performance Framework would be based on a 1 to 5 point scale, with standardized tests and testing improvements making up the majority of the score. Suspension rates, attendance, achievement gaps, graduation rates and college acceptance (for high schools) would also be taken into consideration.

School board members Nick Melvoin and Kelly Gonez have introduced the proposal. They hope to see it adopted by October.

Supt. Austin Beutner is less than enthusiastic.

“I think that’s a mixed bag,” said Beutner, as quoted by theTimes. “I’m not so sure what one achieves with the summative ranking— whether it’s stars, letters, labels or numbers."

Juan Flecha, president of the school administrators union, thinks it’s a horrible idea.

“Schools are not restaurants and should NOT be rated!” he told the Times in an email. “I think this is demoralizing and a slap to all of the dedicated employees of schools receiving one, two, and three stars.”