Kindergarten Teacher Makes Hearing Aids for Babydolls to Help Her Students Feel Represented

A preschool and kindergarten teacher in Watsonville, California has gone above and beyond to help her hearing impaired students feel more represented during playtime.

Genesis Politron, who works with deaf and hearing impaired children, was out shopping when she realized there were no dolls that her students could easily identify with. She decided to change that.

Using fabric paints and glitter, Politron made hearing aids and cochlear implants for the dolls which resemble the devices used by her students. The children have been attached to the upgraded toys ever since.

“Those with cochlear implants tend to only reach for the doll with cochlear implants, and those with hearing aids tend to do the same. It's so exciting to watch their interactions with them, and watch as they identify with the doll that resembles them," Politran said (CNN). "Now, I watch as they feed their babies everyday, and 'rock them to sleep', and it's the sweetest sight!" "I'm glad that so many people have realized the lack of inclusion when it comes to toys. I hope those that it has reached take the initiative to learn some sign language," she added.

"Children's minds are extremely malleable, and I believe it's our jobs as adults to mold them into empowered, confident, and most importantly happy little people as best as we can."