A Look at Liz Warren’s Education Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren released a detailed K-12 education plan last week. It calls for billions in new federal education funding paid for by a 2% tax on the wealthy, elimination of standardized testing, and — most controversially — a crackdown on charter schools. Warren has pledged to eliminate federal funding for charters, ban for-profit charters, and expand oversight and accountability.

EdSource breaks down the details of Warren’s agenda here. A Warren administration, it says, would bring billions of dollars to California schools. That’s because her plan prioritizes schools whose funding plans benefit low-income students.

For Democratic-leaning states like California, the promise of more money for low-income students would be a boon, because state leadership is inclined to favor such programs anyway. But for right-leaning states, the incentives might be tougher politically to enact, said Morgan Polikoff, associate professor at University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education. “It’s a great idea, and for states that want to have more progressive funding, there could be profound benefits. … There’s compelling research showing that spending more money can improve student outcomes,” he said. “But I don’t know if all states are going to take the bait.”

You can read Warren’s entire K-12 education plan here