Op-Ed: Democrats Want More Education Funding. Republicans Want Greater Accountability. Why Not Both?

When it comes to per-pupil education funding, California — the fifth largest economy in the world — still ranks near the bottom. But calls to increase funding are eyed suspiciously by skeptics who see tendencies toward mismanagement and misplaced spending priorities within our public school system.

The obvious solution? An increase in both funding and accountability.

Writing in the Sacramento Bee, GrassrootsLab’s Mike Madrid and Children Now President Ted Lempert argue it’s time to increase transparency and accountability efforts, while also boosting education spending.

“As a Democrat and as a Republican, we often agree to disagree,” write Lempert and Madrid. “However, there’s far too much at stake with increasing poverty rates and the state’s high income inequality gap. Our schools need more money, and they also need to be more transparent to the public and accountable for student success.

We can do both. We must.”

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