49ers Player Pays Off School Lunch Debt for Cabrillo Middle School

Students at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara, California had one more reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving Day. Two days before the holiday, principal Stan Garber announced that all outstanding student lunch debt had been paid off by San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman.

The check for $7,491.27 was personally delivered to the school by Sherman on Nov. 23. His donation was made on behalf of Blanket Coverage, The Richard Sherman Family Foundation.

“We have found that eliminating student lunch debt is one way to help assist students and their families in relieving some of the stress that comes with attending school on a daily basis,” the foundation said in its letter to the school. "The last thing any child should have to worry about is being able to afford eating breakfast and lunch at school; we aim to do our part in eliminating that obstacle."

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 04:22

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