Miss America Proves STEM is Cool

The talent portion of the Miss America contest has featured some great performances over the years. But few have captured the education community’s attention like the experiment performed by 2020 winner Camille Schrier.

The Virginia native, who studies pharmacology, combined hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, food coloring, and dish soap to set off a colorful foam explosion on stage. The experiment demonstrates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

“I've loved science since I was a little girl, and now I have the opportunity to pursue the career in science that I had always dreamed of," she told the audience before embarking on the display last month. "Science is a talent and it's my mission to show kids that science is fun, relevant, and easy to understand."

Schrier’s words are important for young people — and especially young girls — to hear. Science, technology, math, and engineering have traditionally been dominated by men. Educators across the country are trying to get more females involved in STEM, and that means shattering stereotypes that portray women as uninterested or incapable of excelling in math and science. Miss America just aided that cause.