Cajon Valley Superintendent Gets Pay Raise

With a 13% pay raise over two years approved by the school board Tuesday evening, Cajon Valley Union Superintendent David Miyashiro will now earn $425,000 in total pay and benefits. That makes him the highest compensated superintendent in San Diego County.

The raise was controversial. Miyashiro—who is also entitled to $76,000 in unused vacation—oversees a district of just under 16,000 students. For comparison, the San Diego Unified High School District, which has over 128,000 students, pays its superintendent $332,404 in pay and benefits.

Miyashiro’s base salary will jump to $334,265 on July 1.

Board President Tamara Otero explained Miyashiro’s compensation to NBC4 News this way:

“If you really want to compare his salary to others then you have to consider his body of work to that of others. For the record, we aren’t cutting this year, or experiencing layoffs like that of other districts in San Diego County.”