Corona-Norco Embezzlement Scheme May Be Bigger Than First Thought

An alleged embezzlement scheme involving the former assistant superintendent of facilities at the Corona-Norco Unified School District may have gone on much longer than people initially realized, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reports.

According to the Press-Enterprise, a new complaint alleges the scheme began July 23, 2002, 9 years earlier than previously thought.

The former assistant superintendent Ted Eugene Rozzi was charged late last year with embezzling more than $1 million from the district. An investigation revealed “multiple transactions” between Rozzi and Neff Construction head Edward Curtis Mierau “in which Rozzi asked for checks to be written from Neff Construction to various financial institutions – not the school district -- but billed the expenses to various school construction projects.”

The money, which was supposed to pay for school construction projects, was funneled into Rozzi’s personal banking and credit card accounts, according to county prosecutors.

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