Riverside County’s Achievements Touted at State of Education Address

Last year, Riverside County high school seniors averaged a 90% graduation rate—the highest among California’s 10 largest counties. It was a major source of pride and a topic of conversation at the Riverside County Office of Education’s State of Education event on March 5. That, of course, was before schools across the nation began shutting down en masse in response a global coronavirus pandemic.

The topic of the annual address was the “Year of our Youth.’’ Jamil Dada, chairperson of the Riverside County Workforce Development Board, discussed the ways Riverside County schools are preparing their students for college and the workforce. These include Career and Technical Education classes attended by 13,000 students and the Riverside County Education Collaborative that prepares students for higher ed.

As for the county’s stellar graduation rates, attendees heard about how the schools closely track students’ progress, their Advanced Placement Readiness program, and the important role of school counselors.

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