Ross Valley District Approves Cuts, Layoffs

The Ross Valley School District in Marin County will reduce worker hours and lay off 7.5 full-time employees amid plummeting enrollment numbers. The layoffs include a K-5 intervention specialist and several teachers. 

“Our current fifth-grade cohort is smaller than our current sixth-grade cohort,” Superintendent Rick Bagley, who is retiring, explained. “And our current sixth- and seventh-grade cohorts are larger than our current eighth-grade cohort.

“As our fifth-graders move forward into sixth grade and our current seventh-graders move to eighth grade, we will need to reduce the number of sixth- and eighth-grade sections for next year.”

The news from Ross Valley comes on top of similar cuts at other Marin County school districts. 48 hours after the board’s vote, state officials also announced the largest state budget deficit in California history ($54.3 billion). It will undoubtedly necessitate sizeable cuts to education.



Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - 04:34

Despite a global pandemic and ensuing recession that has crippled revenue in California, the Legislative Analyst’s Office is expecting a “dramatic rebound” in K-12 and community college funding nex