Chico State's Reopening Experiment Comes to an End

California State University, Chico's experiment with in-person learning is proving to be short lived. On Monday, less than a week into its fall semester, the university announced it was shuttering classrooms and moving to an online-only system.

At least 30 students have tested positive for coronavirus at Chico State. At this point, said University President Gayle Hutchinson, “there is concern the numbers will only increase.”

Students have been asked to vacate their dormitories immediately. Distance learning will continue for the duration of the semester.

Colleges and universities have become the new epicenter of coronavirus outbreaks in the US. Over 1,300 students have been infected at the University of Alabama. More than 800 students have been infected at the University of Georgia. Like Chico State, Temple University, James Madison University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have also paused or canceled classes as a result of viral spread.