Digging into the 2015-16 Education Budget

The Proposition 98 bottom-line weighs in at $68.4 billion.

$68.4 billion is $7.6 billion higher than the 2014-15 allocation, meaning schools might actually get a much needed nickel thrown their way.

$59.5 billion of the $68.4 billion is going to K-12 education and $7.9 billion goes to community colleges.

Going deeper into that $59.5 billion…

$3.2 billion is one time spending to reimburse unfunded state mandates. $1.2 billion remains to be reimbursed in future years.

$6 billion of it accounts for an increase in the Local Control Funding Formula, which brings school districts to an estimated 70% of full funding with the new formula which enters its second year.

$9,942 the average per-student funding in 2015-16. An average increase of $1,011 or 11% over 2014-15 levels.

Community Colleges got a similar 11% bump in average per-student spending up $626 a head to $6,379 total.

For the finer grain details and notable line items in the 2015-16 education budget, see here. 

Image Credit: Flickr User 101332430@N03, https://flic.kr/p/fKu9zW via (CC BY-SA 2.0)