English Learners Deserving More Attention in Upcoming Spending Plans

The Local Control Funding Formula designed to transform California education began with a whimper.

Coupled with a reports of significant progress left to be made in serving students in foster care, a Californians Together report titled “Falling Short on the Promise to English Learners: A Report on Year One LCAPs” details how English learning students are also at risk of being left behind.

Making sense of the alphabet soup, an LCAP follows a school district’s LCFF. That is Local Control Funding Formula, which makes special funds available to school districts based on factors like English learning students, students in foster care, or low-income students.

What follows is the Local Control and Accountability Plan, a spending plan where a district will show how the additional funds will be put to use. Simple enough, save for the fact that the program’s rocky start that has some questioning if it truly serves the student types listed above.

Groups like Californians Together are not yet doomsaying the program completely, citing the fact that it is a new funding process and mistakes were bound to occur. That being said, they are calling attention to the “woefully inadequate specificity and weak attention to how schools are meeting the various needs of English learners.”

The present fear is that the desired accountability system will not evolve alongside the new funding formula.  Concerned groups have seen improvements in some plans that have been made available, like the one belonging to Monterey Peninsula Unified School District which got positive reviews due to its easy to measure goals and clear trajectory.

See here for the full story on english learning students in California.

Image Credit: Flickr User payitforwardphotos, https://flic.kr/p/rCDbVs via (CC BY 2.0)