Mountain View-Whisman School District Makes Unorthodox Superintendent Hire

From the 74 applicants for the job, Ayinde Rudolph won out and snagged the $200,000 a year position.

What makes Rudolph an odd choice at first glance? Rudolph is coming from the east coast where he worked as an education consultant for the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood.

While Rudolph has no experience in California schools, he cut his teeth in a variety of scenery. He previously worked as a teacher in Alexandria, Virginia, and as a principal in Charlotte, North Carolina before arriving in Buffalo, NY.

School Board President Chris Chiang said that Mountain View-Whisman has been seeking innovative leaders and Rudolph’s experience fit the bill. "We really wanted to find somebody that recognized that there are so many that great things happening in education," said Chiang, "but who wouldn't be narrow in framing where to look for solutions for our kids."

Rudolph found Mountain View to be enticing because of their ongoing commitment to close the achievement gap. He also lauded the community involvement seen within the district.

His contract runs three years beginning July 1.

Image Credit: Flickr User my-other-eye, via (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)