Conversations About Sex Education Shift to Relationship Talk

California is the first state in the nation to require "yes means yes" instruction in public high schools. The policy, which takes effect next year, requires sex education that includes information about what is and is not a healthy relationship.

The “yes means yes” movement, also called affirmative consent, began at college campuses and is now being brought down at the high school level. The premise is meant to replace “no means no” by implying that sex is only consensual when both partners are sober and able to approve of an “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement.”

There are currently only two states, California and New York, which have required affirmative consent for colleges, but other universities and colleges have voluntarily used “yes means yes” to address rampant sexual violence on campus.

Some lawmakers want to promote more conversations about safe sex education that includes how to prevent date rape. Meanwhile, abstinence-only supporters think that this information is better if left undisclosed because any sex talk just promotes sex.


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