​Clovis Unified Confused By Gender Equality, Keeps Dress Code

A school board in Fresno County voted 4-3 against changing a dress code that some have said is in violation of state law.

Dozens of parents showed up to support the current outdated dress code policy, which bans boys from wearing earrings, dresses, skirts, and having long hair.

“I’m so tired of my rights and my conservative values being trampled on because of this gender equality,” said Clovis parent Melissa Fairless, who is against changing the dress code.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union has intervened saying the dress code violates the gender expression part of the state education code.

“When schools require a certain hair length only for boys, or say that girls can wear earrings but boys cannot wear earrings, they discriminate and prevent students from learning in an inclusive school climate,” said Abre’ Conner, attorney for the ACLU of Northern California.

Not every parent agrees with the board’s decision. Isabel Machado, the lone resident supporting the advancement of the dress code said she was “shocked” by the vote.

“I heard when I moved out here that this was ‘Clovis’ and I sometimes still hear that I live in ‘Clovis,’” she said. “But guess what Clovis? It’s 2016.”

So while districts across the state are trying to find creative ways to lure new teachers to fill a shortage, and other educators are hoping to extend a tax to keep hold of much needed funding, Clovis Unified is putting their efforts to ensure that their male students keep their hair short.


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