High Alert For A Teacher Shortage

What do teachers and water have in common? They are both lacking in California.

A few years ago school districts were cutting costs by cutting back on the number of teachers. But now school districts are eager to hire teachers. Educators are in high demand across the state.

Some students are being offered jobs on the spot or getting hired to train “on the job,” some while still in school to receive teaching credentials.

“I get the sense right now that districts are just short of teachers, period,” said Kathryn Theuer, associate dean of the School of Education at Irvine’s Brandman University.

Currently, school districts are trying to fill 21,500 teaching slots, according to the California Department of Education, but less than 70 percent of that goal is being fulfilled.

For the 2013-14 school year only 14,810 teaching credentials were issued, according to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This a drastic decrease compared to the 44,694 credential that were issued for the 2008-09 school year.

“If a severe teacher shortage comes to pass, that’s going to force California to use larger class sizes again,” said Joshua Speaks, spokesman for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Bottom line is we need more teachers.


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Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 06:59

The school advocacy group, Great Public Schools Now, released a report last week detailing the pandemic’s impact on students in the state’s largest school district, LA Unified.