Tracking Devices Coming To Anaheim Buses

In order to help increase student safety the Anaheim City School District and the Anaheim Union High School District are installing new bus-tracking systems.

About 2,500 students use ACSD’s 75 school buses daily, according to Rick Lewis, director of transportation for the district. Installation has already begun and the pass system will commence next year.

The pass system will ask riders to swipe a card in order to track when and where the students are entering and exiting a bus and also alert a driver if a child boards the wrong bus.

The system uses Zonar System’s GPS and costs about $180,000. But Zonar is footing most of the bill through grants. After $10,000 from the district it will cost about $50 a month per bus to maintain the system.

For AUHSD, the Zonar system will cost $45,800 to install on all 82 buses. However, the pass system has not been approved yet by the high school district.


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