Privacy Rights Questioned As Student Data Is Released to Organizations

A court ruling is allowing two nonprofit organization to have access to personal student information.

The California Concerned Parents Association and the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association asked for the data, which includes Social Security numbers, mental health records and home addresses, in relation to allegations that the Department of Education is failing to provide a free and appropriate public education to children with disabilities, as is required by law.

Parents and lawmakers are citing this is a violation of privacy

"I was literally out of my mind," said Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego. "They don't need all of this information."

Several measures were put in place as part of the ruling, including fewer than 10 people be allowed access to the records, and attorneys and consultants only have access through judicial overseers.

Parents can go through the CDE website, or the CCPA website by April 1 to object to the data dump.


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