District Sued By Nonreligious Group for Censorship

Antelope Valley Union High School District in Lancaster is facing a lawsuit that alleges censorship.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Antelope Valley Freethinkers filed the suit this week saying the district refused to list the scholarships the nontheist organizations offer because of religious reasons.

One of the scholarships asks students to respond to an essay titled "Being a Young Freethinker in the Antelope Valley." The intent was to reach out to students who can relate to the organization’s message, according to AVF President David Dionne.

"This scholarship is the first of its kind in the Antelope Valley," said Dionne. "Our members have generously donated their time and resources to benefit the freethinking students in our community. We hope to encourage and inspire future leaders who champion reason, science, and secular ethics to meet the challenges of the 21st century."

District officials say they did not include the listing because parents complained that it had "argumentative undertones towards religion” and was meant to "promote anti-religious expression."


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