Enrollment Decrease Worsens for Berryessa Union

Berryessa Union School District is expecting 300 students to leave the area by 2020.

Enrollment for the district has been falling for the last decade with rising housing costs to blame. But officials believe that is getting more sever.

"The latest extreme, unforeseeable-in-degree rise in housing costs is having negative enrollment impacts throughout the district and the rest of Silicon Valley," said district demographer Tom Williams. "With these much higher prices and rents likely to continue, many families with modest incomes no longer can afford to live in the area. This justifies lower projected growth than in our past studies."

He added that in October 2015 enrollment was at 7,453 and by the year 2020 about 337 more students will leave. Half of those students will leave next year alone. That nearly 5 percent drop in enrollment will leave roughly 7,100 students in the district by 2020.


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