Free Tuition for Santa Ana Students

It seems that some colleges are really "Feeling the Bern."

Santa Ana College is following the lead of other high ed institutions across the state that are providing free tuition for incoming freshman.

Earlier this year West Valley College in Santa Clara County announced it is offering a free semester of schooling to 600 students. Applicants must be part of the high school graduating class of 2016 in the area and enroll full time to the college for the fall 2016 semester. The College of Marin has also offered a free semester of college to 500 students with similar stipulations.

Not to be outdone, Santa Ana College is offering a full year of college to all incoming students from the Santa Ana Unified School District who enroll full time at the college.

Current enrollment costs at SAC are $46 per unit, meaning a student taking a full load of 12 units each semester would pay at least $1104 just to attend school. This doesn’t even include other fees, parking, books, and other school supplies.

“This new level of support brings honor to the academic goals of our amazing students and will bring us ever closer to achieving a college degree in every home in Santa Ana,” said SAC President Erlinda J. Martinez.

The Santa Ana College Foundation, the State of California’s Award for Innovation in Higher Education, and Santa Ana College’s Centennial Scholarship Campaign will be the sources of funding for the free tuition program.

For more information about how to access free tuition for the freshman year at Santa Ana College for qualified students, contact Dr. Sara Lundquist’s office at (714) 564-6085.