El Camino Principal Steps Down in Height of Scandal

As part of a deal made with Los Angeles Unified, the principal of El Camino Real Charter High School has resigned in order to avoid revocation of the charter.

El Camino Real board had previously terminated Marshall Mayottte, Chief Business Officer, in June for lack of oversight of the schools finances. While the board only amended Executive Director David Fehte’s contract to a pay cut because of excessive personal charges he made on the schools’ credit card.

After all this came to light, the LAUSD had already taken the second step, out of three, towards revoking the charter.

As the Daily News reports, Fehte has agreed to resign in order for El Camino to keep its charter. This is one of the steps the El Camino board has taken to halt the revocation process including a “memorandum of understanding” and complying with the demands of the LAUSD.

The demands call for a change in leadership and detailed minutes and agendas of meetings and extensive training on the Brown Act and Public Records Act, and accountability.

If at any point the El Camino violates the agreements, the district has the right to continue with the revocation process.

Scott Schmerelson, LAUSD board member, said that he did not want the school to lose its charter but that it needs to held accountable for its actions as it cannot spend taxpayer money the way it did.

The board has appointed David Hussey, Assistant Principal, to take over Fehte’s position till June.

Fehte said that he would do what it takes to make sure El Camino kept its charter.

A suggestion to the board was to reinstate the charter oversight committee composed of teachers was brought up by Frank Wymond, an El Camino teacher and representative of United Teachers Los Angeles.

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