Is LAUSD Biased When Deciding To Approve Charters?

Last week, an important question was raised at Los Angeles Unified's Board meeting about the impartiality from the district towards its charter schools and competition for state funding as they review charter renewals.

KPCC reports that the district denied to renew charters for five schools under the claims of financial, governing, and educational plan concerns from Magnolia Education Research Foundation and the Celerity Educational Group.

The California Charter Schools Association has taken notice of the supposed lack of impartiality and has sent a statement that charter schools are not being judged on the basis of academic achievement but whether they did something to offend something or someone.  

Steve Zimmer, Board president, said that the accusations are farfetched and that there will always be criticism.

The five charter schools have the option to go to the LA. County Board of Education and appeal the district’s decision and petition them to charter their school. If the Board of Education approves the appeal, the county then becomes the charter authorizer.

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