Albany School Board Election Comes Down To One Vote

One of the two vacant seats on the Albany Unified School District Board of Education was won by Kim Trutane by a single vote, beating her opponent Clementina Duron.

The East Bay Times reports that the certified votes by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters gave the win to Trutane with 3,681 votes as Duron fell short with 3,680 votes. The first seat was won by Jacob Clark who held on to 3,929 votes.

Trutane said she was amazed to win with such a close race and thanks the people that voted for her.

Duron, former teacher and principal, said it “sucks” to lose but that she is happy to have received so many votes as she isn’t well known.

Trutane plans on working alongside Duron next year as a district writing coach.

Goes to show that one vote really matters.

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