Are Too Many White Students Costing Schools Funding?

A school in North Hollywood might be handing out pink slips after losing funding for falling below an enrollment threshold for the number of minority students.

In an effort to integrate students, a 1978 L.A. Superior Court decision provided more funding for neighborhoods with large minority populations so long as the white student population was below 30 percent.

The enrollment of white students at Walter Reed Middle School has been increasing in recent years and now the school is at risk of losing five teachers and counselor.

However, the ethnicity numbers might not be accurate. An increasing number of Latino families are changing the ethnicity of their children on forms because of deportation fears.

School officials say that they can’t dictate what ethnicity parents write down, and thusly white parents are opting to mark their children as a minority in order to keep the funding.

According to Principal Jeanne Gamba, if 50 families changed their status from white back to their true ethnicity, funding would remain.



Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 09:07

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