New Bill Teaches Students About Fake News

A new piece of legislation could help California students spot “fake news.”

There was a lot of talk about fake news during the recent election thanks to the President’s comments regarding any sort of negative media attention about him.

In response, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, has introduced SB 203, which would create a process for students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and others to establish strategies for ensuring that digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy became part of the state’s basic educational goals and learning requirements.

“This legislation is about ensuring we have an informed citizenry,” said Jackson. “The role of the media and technology is only growing. The skills we teach kids today about critical thinking, the role of media in their lives and how best to interact with social media, fake news and technology will help keep them safe and serve them into adulthood.”

This bill establishes a state-based advisory committee comprised of educators, administrators, researchers, and parents who will work under the oversight of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop best practices, resources, and models for instruction.



Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 06:59

The school advocacy group, Great Public Schools Now, released a report last week detailing the pandemic’s impact on students in the state’s largest school district, LA Unified.