Data On State’s 10,000 Public Schools Now Available on New App

The California Department of Education has been great at providing data on their website to any interested party who wants to know stats about their school or district.

Back in March the Department of Education even launched a new School Ratings Dashboard as a way for anyone to be able to view how well their school and/or district is doing compared to other schools and/or districts.

Now all that information about California’s 10,000 public schools is available on your smart phone through the CA Schools mobile app.

“Never before have we put so much school information literally in the hands of our students, parents, and community members and made the information so accessible and user-friendly,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. “Home buyers can check out schools in their prospective neighborhoods. Parents heading to a child’s away game can map directions to the host school. There are all kinds of potential uses.”

Information includes school address, map, directions, school contact information, and statistical reports. Information is searchable by location, county, district, city, and zip code and can be filtered by school type and name.

The CA Schools mobile app is available for free download through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.