California Students Are Racially Diverse, But Higher Ed Faculty is Still Predominately White and Male

A new report from The Campaign for College Opportunity shows that there is an extreme lack of diversity among faculty at colleges and universities in California.

The report, Left Out: How Exclusion in California’s Colleges and Universities Hurts Our Values, Our Students, and Our Economy, reveals that while students at college and university campuses are increasingly diverse, the leaders that serve them are not.

“The findings of this report are not about demographics, they are about helping our education leaders and state policy makers understand that this issue of a lack of diversity is tied to student success,” said Paul Granillo, President and CEO of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership.

Some of the more stark findings include:

  • Within the University of California (UC) system, where 26% of the student body are Latinx, there are ZERO Latinx leaders in the UC Office of the President. Additionally, only 11% of college leaders, 7% of tenured faculty, and 5% of Academic Senators are Latinx.
  • Only 8% of senior leadership within the UC system are Asian American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islanders even though AANHPI represent 39% of the student body.
  • Only 7 women sit on the 26-member UC Board of Regents.
  • Latinx make up only 10% of faculty, 15% of college leaders, and 9% of Academic Senators within the California State University (CSU) system; yet account for 43% of the student body.
  • Out of 20 CSU Trustees there are only 4 Latinx, zero AANHPI’s and only seven women.
  • There is only one woman on the CSU Chancellor’s Office leadership team out of nine.
  • Only 6% of tenured faculty and 5% non-tenured faculty at California Community Colleges are African American.
  • Within the California Community Colleges, where 44% of the student body are Latinx, only 15% of the faculty, 14% of Academic Senators and 17% of college leaders are Latinx. There are zero members of the Board of Governors that are AANHPI and only two that are Latinx out of 17.

“The release of Left Out needs to be California higher education’s defining moment,” said Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity.

President and CEO Emeritus of the American Association of Community Colleges, Dr. George R. Boggs, had this to say about Left Out, “If we really want to attract and retain a more racially and gender diverse faculty, staff, and administration, college leaders at all levels need the courage to make some changes in how searches and selection processes are conducted, and we need to be more engaged in mentoring promising and diverse future colleagues."

View the full report and read what college, state and national leaders are saying about it.

Use the “Left Out Tool” to access individual data profiles on 114 California Community Colleges, 23 California State University campuses and 9 University of California undergraduate campuses.